Locally filmed movie with Hollywood star power to premiere in Tulare

 “Lost on Purpose” - an award-winning feature film shot almost entirely within Tulare County, will be debut during a red carpet premiere event to be held at 7:30 pm on Thursday, February 20 at the Tulare Galaxy Theatres.

The film has not been released into theaters, but has already attracted critical acclaim, including a “Best Directors Award” at Firstglance Film Festival and “Best Film” awards at the Beverly Hills Film Festival, the Reelheart Film Festival and at the TrindieFest Film Festival. “Lost on Purpose” is also nominated for Best Film at the Hollywood Film Festival.

Now Ian and Eshom Nelms - the two brothers who wrote and directed “Lost on Purpose” – plan to host a special VIP screening here in Tulare County, where the film takes place.

The event includes: the SCREENING at the Galaxy, a Q and A after thefilm, a SIGNED 11x17 POSTER, a digital DOWNLOAD of the FILM, and an AFTER PARTY hosted by Bravo Farms and the Tulare County Film Commission where you will sample food by BRAVO FARMS and eat ROSA BROTHER’S ICE CREAM as you hang out and talk with the film’s PRODUCERS, ACTORS,DIRECTORS and CREATORS.  There will also be a special performance by musician PETER DONOVAN of band “All The Real Girls,” as he plays his original tracks from the movie, and a comedy set by renowned comedian and actor, SEAN CARRIGAN.  Cost of the entire event, including movie, after party, music, humor and food is $25.  

Tickets available now at: http://www.tugg.com/events/7451



“Lost On Purpose” stars Jane Kaczmarek (Malcolm In The Middle); James Lafferty (One Tree Hill); Aaron Hill (Greek); C. Thomas Howell(Southland); Dale Dickey (Winter’s Bone) and Academy Award winning actress Octavia Spencer (The Help). The film is about a third generation dairy owner, who’s fighting off the region’s domineering co-op.  To help with the workload, she’s hired five renegade ranch hands. Together they fight for love, pride, and their vanishing way of life.

 “This film showcases many areas in our County – from bucolic summer rafting scenes along the St. Johns River to life on a dairy,” Tulare County Film Commissioner Eric Coyne said. “They filmed almost everywhere you could imagine during the late spring and summer a couple of years ago, from the Woodlake Airport, a Portuguese radio station west of Visalia, to some of the roads less traveled through Valley orchards.”

Ian and Eshom Nelms grew up in Woodlake and went to high school in Visalia before making their way to Southern California to seek work in the Hollywood film industry. Eshom, a talented artist, has built a career doing storyboard illustrations for many film projects such as “The Help” – while Ian has worked behind the camera in a variety of roles in film production.

 Both Nelms brothers worked to pay their dues in the film industry, writing, directing and working in almost every creative aspect of film production on industry film productions and on their own projects, but they never forgot their Valley ties, frequently traveling home to see family and friends.

 “The more we filmed in other areas down south or out on location, the more we kept thinking about all these great locations Tulare County had to offer,” Ian Nelms said.  “We wanted to get share that special scenic,
rural beauty we grew up in with audiences everywhere. That’s also why weset our story “Lost on Purpose” here in the Valley.

 “There is a majesty to our Valley that plays very well on the big screen– a idyllic world of agriculture, rolling rivers and orchards that many people have never experienced and that is fresh and new. This is a perfect canvas to illustrate a screenplay.”

Come walk the red carpet, watch a great film, meet some of the filmstars, eat amazing food, listen to live music, laugh along with a comedy set, indulge in some gourmet ice cream, and talk with the creators of the film “Lost on Purpose.”

Tickets available now at: http://www.tugg.com/events/7451

 This event is made possible through TUGG Screenings and must have at least 214 seats pre-sold, seven days before the screening date, in order for the event to take place. So buy your tickets BEFORE February 13!

 Coyne said the Nelms relied on their Valley connections to arrange to shoot on a small dairy, at roping arenas, and dozens of other locations. The Film Commission also reached out to local city leaders and businesses, which also embraced the filmmakers’ creative vision and allowed photography in many situations that otherwise would have been very challenging.

 “It’s not easy to talk city hall into allowing you to stage a high speed street race in downtown Visalia - or a brawl on Main Street right across from the Fox Theater while a concert is going on – all on short notice,” Coyne said. “But the City of Visalia was wonderful to work with, and the Nelms brothers had a good safety plan, so we had no problems at all – even when they wanted to stage a wild party scene that started inside the Pump House bar and spilled outside into a gang confrontation.”

 Tulare County residents may also recognize many local faces on the big screen when Lost on Purpose premieres, including Tulare City Councilman David Macedo, who played a key role in the film.

 “It’s funny, we didn’t know he was a councilman until later – we were searching for an experienced auctioneer and one name kept coming up – at least he didn’t have to travel for this role!” Ian Nelms said.

 Another break came when Ian and Eshom were looking for a hospital facility willing to allow filming to occur – Tulare Regional Medical Center leaders stepped up and allowed an army of cast and crew to invade for a crucial day of filming – the only day Academy Award winning actress Octavia Spencer was available to shoot her part.

 “We were honored to have Octavia come aboard for her role,” Ian Nelms said. “Her scenes were filmed just before she was nominated for her role in “The Help” and she was in high demand. “